A discussion of the sexual double standards in the world today by writer Iyana Edouard


photo credit: thefashionspot.com

Since the dawn of time women and men have not been seen as equal in many aspects, but especially with sex and sexuality. I’ve written about this before, hence why this post is called part two. It’s a topic of discussion I talk about often with friends and strangers. I’m basically constantly looking for an answer for why the sexual lives of men is praised, and the sexual lives of women is degraded.

As an adult young woman I’ve have finally become comfortable with my body and the things that I choose do with it. Of course I am not the only one many of my beautiful young female friends, the amazing women in my family, and incredibly celebrity or business woman that I look up too all do what we want with our bodies.

Nonetheless derogatory terms like “slut” and “whore” are thrown around…

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