An incredible article written by blogger Iyana Edouard about female stereotypes in video games


Most of my knowledge of video games come from my male friends and 13-year-old sister. Though I’m not a gamer, I personally find it odd (and somewhat contradicting), that these extreme amazing worlds that often are more advanced then our own reality, represent women with the same sexist and male gaze-driven representation as every other type of media does.

When I realized this I asked myself that question:”If video games and the gaming world is a fun safe space to escape to, then why are women treated the same or sometimes worse?”.

Even as a non-gamer I have alway been aware of a few things about girls and games. The first being girls are not meant to or supposedly cannot play video games, according to my brothers as well as a majority of society. However, times have changed in the last few years. In 2006 women made up 38% of…

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